Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud provides a bundle of apps and services for video, graphic design, photography, and web site development.

What is included in Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud includes over 30 creative applications and services that work together across devices, including Acrobat, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Audition, Story, After Effects, Animate, Illustrate, and InDesign.

Why does it say that I have a 7 day trial version when I log in?

UNM is provisioning you with access to use Adobe using an EnterpriseID associated with your UNM email address and password. If you have not already requested a Creative Cloud license from the UNM Software Store, you only have access to Spark and trial versions of Creative Cloud Applications. Some users also have separate AdobeID associated with their UNM email that has not been provisioned with access to any software. In order to ensure that you are signing into Adobe Creative Cloud using the right account, log out of the application, and then log back in using your UNM email/enterpriseID as shown on our getting started page.

How is Creative Cloud different from Creative Suite?

Creative Suite is an older technology and was a bundle of applications purchased with perpetual licenses and required new purchases for major upgrades.

Creative Cloud is current technology and is a bundle of applications purchased using a more affordable subscription model which also includes any upgrades.

Who is eligible for the Adobe Creative Cloud discount?

Centrally supported licenses for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite are available for active faculty, staff, and students at the UNM Albuquerque Campus (Main and Health Sciences Center) and UNM Taos Licensing for other constituencies at UNM, including other branches, retirees, and affiliates, are currently being planned. More information will be available here.

How much does it cost?

For departmental orders using an index code, faculty and staff may place an order via LoboMart, through the Information Technologies Internal Catalog, at the following costs:

Cost Breakdown
Main/HSC/Taos StudentIncluded with services covered by the student technology fee.
Main/HSC/Taos FacultyNo cost if for research or instructional purposes
Main/HSC/Taos Staff$20 annually, which includes Acrobat Pro
Other Branch Faculty/Staff/Students $170 annually
Main/HSC/Taos Computer LabsNo cost, included in licensing agreement
Branch Computer Labs$85 Annually

We expect personal purchases, including discounted pricing for branch students to be worked out in the month of June. More information about licensing and access.

I already had a Creative Cloud account. Can I migrate my content to the new Enterprise license?

The process depends on the kind of account you had. If your previous Creative Cloud account used your address, you should receive instructions in the email from Adobe that provisions your new Enterprise account. There is more information on the automated asset migration process on the Adobe Website and in their FAQ.

If your old Adobe account was not tied to your address, you will need to manually back up files and synch them to your new account. More information on how you browse, manage, and synch cloud assets can be found here.

I am graduating. How do I keep access to my Adobe Creative Cloud Content?

Adobe has created a process for you to migrate your content to a free account so that you can keep all of your work. If you want to continue creating new content, you will need to maintain a personal subscription, but you can retain access to the work you have already created by visiting Graduating students can get four months of complimentary access by visiting

I have my own personal Creative Cloud subscription. Can I terminate that contract without penalty?

Yes. The University of New Mexico has an enterprise agreement (“ETLA”) with Adobe. Because you are included in this contract, individual Creative Cloud subscribers can terminate their contracts and use the UNM license instead without being charged a termination fee.

Contact Adobe Support and be certain to inform the support agent that you are a student or employee at the University of New Mexico, and you are provided Adobe Creative Cloud by the university. 

What happens to my subscription and files when I graduate or leave the University?

Your UNM subscription to Creative Cloud is tied to your enrollment or employment at the University of New Mexico. If you leave, or graduate, you will need to purchase your own account if you want to continue using the software.

At that time, you may back up your projects and files locally and move them to your new subscription as desired. For continued access to Spark content, you can invite your new account to collaborate on the project from your old account.

How do I purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud software?

For departmental orders using an index code, faculty and staff may place an order via LoboMart, through the Information Technologies Internal Catalog.

Individuals who are not covered through a technology fee or departmental purchase may make a personal purchase of the software by going to the UNM software store.

Graduating students can get four months of complimentary access by visiting

How do I download the software? 

Visit our Getting Started page for more information on getting a license and downloading software.

More information about licensing and access.

What are the system requirements to use Adobe Creative Cloud?

System requirements varies between applications in the Creative Cloud. A complete list of system requirements by product can be found on the Adobe site.

How many devices can I download the software on?

You may install and use the software on a UNM device and up to two personal computers. Some applications, including Premiere Rush, Spark, and others also run on mobile devices, with the ability to share projects seamlessly from one device to another.

How do I login or access it?

Once it is installed on your device, you can use UNM NetID and password to login. More information about licensing and access.

Where do I get support?

Depending on the issue, you can find support in a variety of places. There will be in-app help in each application. There are also tutorials on For account or access issues, please contact UNM Help Desk at 505-277-5757. More information about training and support.

Where can I get training?

For more detailed application support, we are planning offerings that range from expert help in one of UNM’s Computer labs, free workshops, and more in-depth training opportunities offered as paid classes at UNM Continuing Education. More information about training and support.

Where can I find a lab with the software already installed?

The software is still being rolled out to labs across campus. Lobo Lab in the UNM Student Union Building has the best computers in a centrally supported space and will have the most Creative Cloud applications installed by default. To find a lab with the software installed, go to and use the advance search options to limit by Adobe Creative Cloud under Software.

We are planning to have some additional spaces, such as the UNM IT Academic Technologies production studio and One Button studios, with video and audio recording devices available at a later date. These will require advance reservations and space may be limited. More information about equipment and facilities.

Can I use the Student and Teacher Edition of Adobe Creative Cloud products for personal or commercial projects?

Yes, Student and Teacher Edition products can be used commercially on your privately owned computer. They may not be resold. More information on the Adobe Help site.