Adobe Sign


UNM was able to leverage the Creative Campus agreement to provide faculty and staff access to Adobe Sign--an industry leading tool for adding digital signatures to documents. Adobe Sign is one of Adobe's products, but is not part of the Creative Cloud. A number of departments are already using Adobe Sign for their documents or planning how they can use the tool most effectively. This page provides access to training and support resources for staff and faculty using the service


  • If your departments already has a designated Adobe Sign Admin, please contact them for access. Please visit this FastInfo page to find your departmental Admin.
  • If your department does not have an existing Adobe Sign Admin, please contact Software Distribution to establish your department Admin. Email Software Distribution at


One of the best sources of training and Support is Adobe's online help center, including information in this User Guide:

There are a number of training videos below offered for a variety of Adobe Sign roles.

Common Tasks


Workflow Designer

Account Admin Training

If you are your department’s Adobe Sign Account Administrator, this webinar recording will give you and overview of that process.

After this training, you can create users in your department so that they can send documents to sign, or you can send documents ad hoc to individuals to sign.  Those individuals can “sign” documents without having to be added by the Admin.

More Training Resources for Admins

  • Adobe Help for provisioning users in your Adobe Admin Console 
  • Developer portal with links to API documentation and free Developer account link. If you are creating an account as a developer, please do not use your address.

Enablement Training

Adobe Sign enablement training focuses on the specifics of how to initiate agreements and create scalable workflows. The focus is on a train-the-trainer model, but we are providing access to the full webinar recording for any interested users. More specific training on workflows and template creation are found in the links below: