Equipment and Facilities

Classrooms and Labs

UNM supports multiple classrooms and labs on main campus and the HSC, including shared spaces, libraries, and departmentally supported environments. As part of this initiative, UNM is upgrading computers in multiple classrooms and labs and installing the Creative Cloud suite so that it will be available for teaching and learning this fall. More information on classroom and lab space at UNM can be found at TechFinder.

Access TechFinder

LoboLab in the UNM Student Union Building has the best computers in a centrally supported space, and will have the most Creative Cloud applications installed by default.

In the north west area of campus, Dane Smith Hall Room 141 and 143 and the pod will also have the Creative Cloud applications installed by default.

If you encounter issues with the performance or installation of an application, please notify the SCON on duty. For application specific questions, please look at our training and support resources.

Classrooms and Labs

College and Department Resources

Consult your area IT service manager for information about additional college and departmental equipment and resources that may be available to you. It is always a good idea for students to check with their instructor on specific resources that may be available in a particular course.

Department Resources

Creative Commons

Adobe Inc. has made a one-time donation of $100,000.00 to UNM to create a space that supports digital literacy initiatives on campus. Through partnership between College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences, UNM Continuing Education, and UNM Information Technologies, UNM is working to develop a space in Zimmerman that is accessible to faculty, staff, and students. Preliminary ideas include:

  • One-button studios
  • Training classroom
  • Flexible collaboration space
  • Brain Bar
  • Laptop Checkout
  • Equipment Checkout
  • Virtual maker space

The space is intended to function as a virtual maker space, collaboration forum, gallery, and resource center for creative pursuits on campus. More to come on this exciting initiative soon. Please send any ideas and suggestions for the Creative Commons space to

Creative Commons

Creative Classroom

According to the National Collegiate Honors Council, one of the fundamental purposes of an Honors College is to provide both an opportunity and a location where all of the institution's faculty can engage in experimental pedagogical and curricular design:

The Honors College serves as a laboratory within which faculty feel welcome to experiment with new subjects, approaches, and pedagogies. When proven successful, such efforts in curriculum and pedagogical development can serve as prototypes for initiatives that can become institutionalized across the campus. (NCHC Basic Characteristics)

The Adobe Creative Classroom in the Honors College will be used a a site for experimental course design that will be available to all UNM faculty to explore ways of improving both Honors and Non-Honors classes.


UNM supports large and small studio production spaces for video and audio recording.

  • UNM IT Academic Technologies production studio - If you have a project that would benefit from the use of a professional production studio environment, please submit a short proposal. Due to scheduling limitations, we must prioritize projects that have the greatest university impact and potential for success.
  • One Button Studios - Small production environments with built in cameras and microphones are planned with availability in Woodward Hall, Zimmerman Library, and elsewhere. More information on these spaces will be made available as they are developed.
  • KUNM - KUNM Radio broadcasts to half of the state from studios on UNM's Main campus.  KUNM has a very active website supporting broadcasts, videos, and digital-first content.  KUNM is a self-supporting department at UNM so, depending on resources, programming staff will consider collaborative partnerships with students on podcasts or related media projects.  Student participants must be able to edit audio and supporting visual materials.  Please send a one-page inquiry describing the goals and scope of your proposed project to  Keep it to one page please.  We just need a sense of what you hope to accomplish so we have the starting point for a conversation.

Bring Your Own Device

Would you like to use Adobe tools on your own computers and mobile devices? That works! Once you are provisioned with access to the Creative Cloud, you may install and use the software on up to two personal computers. Some applications, including Premiere Rush, Spark, and others also run on mobile devices, with the ability to share projects seamlessly from one device to another.

System requirements varies between applications in the Creative Cloud. A complete list of system requirements by product can be found on the Adobe site. For the best experience with video production and other computationally intensive tasks, UNM recommends a computer that at least meets our Tier 2 Desktop or Tier 3 Laptop standards.

Classrooms and Labs

Cameras and Equipment

A limited number of laptops, video cameras, and audio recording devices will be available for checkout in the Creative Commons.