What's Included?

Creative Cloud Apps

...and many more

Adobe Creative Cloud includes a full range of creative and media production applications that support faculty, staff, and students who want to share their knowledge and creative works using photos, drawings, infographics, audio, video, web and mobile apps, document design and layout, augmented reality experiences, and much more. Through a variety of applications designed for use from everyone from beginners to professionals, Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise brings together a suite of web, desktop, and mobile apps to support you in your projects at whatever level you are comfortable. Through the enterprise subscription and 100 gigs of online storage, faculty, staff, and students can securely and seamlessly create and manage content across mobile devices, desktops and laptops and share their creative works online.

Not Sure Where to Start?

While all of the Creative Cloud applications have tutorials and support resources built in, some applications are more geared to beginners than others.

Adobe Spark - This web-based application makes it easy for novices to create beautiful, responsive web pages.

Adobe Premiere Rush - this easy-to-use video editing tool will get you started quickly but still has plenty of power to create high-end video compositions.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC - Adobe Acrobat pro is an all-around workhorse for document processing, markup, sharing, and publishing.

Getting Started

Ready to Graduate to More Advanced Tools?

Through Creative Cloud, you can seamlessly share projects and individual media pieces from one application to the next. Best of all, built in tutorials in all of the applications are there to help you learn new techniques.

A Note About Security and Sensitive Information

Through the Creative Cloud subscription, users will stay up-to-date with the latest features and releases in the applications. Although Adobe does provide security for its Creative Cloud storage, it is not intended to store sensitive and protected information. By installing and using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications you agree that you will not store any sensitive or protected information in the cloud-based storage provided with Creative Cloud.

Security and Privacy

Your Privacy

Some of the tools such as Spark and Adobe's online portfolio tool, Behance, are designed for publishing and sharing of information. If you are not comfortable with sharing a project or assignment in a public space, it is recommended that you  do not share it publicly on a site like Behance and/or do not include your name as the author or use a pseudonym when publishing content on Spark. Students who have concerns, or need to request a privacy accommodation, should talk to your instructor.