Licensing and Access

Centrally supported licenses for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite are available for active faculty, staff, and students on UNM Albuquerque Campus (Main and Health Sciences Center), and UNM Taos. Licensing for other constituencies at UNM, including other branches, retirees, and affiliates, are being planned. 

Licensing and Access

Obtaining Access

In partnership with the Office of the Provost, and with extensive communication and enthusiastic endorsement from Students, Faculty and Staff, we have finalized an agreement with Adobe to license the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite for students at the Albuquerque and Taos campuses as part of a student technology fee, as well as to interested Faculty and Staff through a combination of central subsidy and cost recovery model. In addition, UNM Branches will benefit from discounted pricing models as noted below. 

This collaboration significantly reduces costs to Albuquerque and Taos departments from $170 annually to $20 annually per license! Departments who are already purchasing Acrobat Pro for their staff will now have access to the full Creative Cloud for the same price.

For departmental orders using an index code, faculty and staff may place an order via LoboMart, through the Information Technologies Internal Catalog, at the following costs:

Cost Breakdown
Main/HSC/Taos FacultyNo charge, but must be requested using our online form.
Main/HSC/Taos Staff$20 annually for Creative Cloud which includes Acrobat Pro
Main/HSC/Taos StudentsIncluded with services covered by the student technology fee
Other Branch Faculty/Staff/Students$170 annually for Creative Cloud. 


There is no additional cost for the license for students registered for classes at the Albuquerque (Main and  Health Sciences Center) and Taos campuses. Access is obtained through the UNM online store. Provisioned students can get started with Creative Cloud today.


Faculty may request access using our online request form. Click on the "Make a Request" link once you have signed in. Personally purchased licenses can be completed through the UNM online store


Departmentally purchased staff accounts may be requested using LoboMart. The person responsible for payments and procurements in your department is usually the person who needs to process the request. Personally purchased licenses can be completed through the UNM online store

Personal Purchases

Personally purchased licenses can be completed through the UNM online store.

For additional information or questions, please contact